Saturday, February 26, 2011

Slits, Down by the Middle

The people at HK Fashion Geek have observed that slits right down the middle will be the next big thing. See here and here.

All I'm thinking is, werk those inner thighs, baby. Jiggling fats are fugly. And brazilian waxes are the way to go.

BTW, the title is a tribute to "Down by the Water" by The Drums, a song I loved from Gossip Girl.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mag Review: ViVi March 2011

Did a quick browse-through of ViVi March 2011 and some pictures caught my attention... though not all in the right way.

Love this look. In case you are new, I'm slightly obsessed with anything Black Swan related:

These pants are seriously unflattering...

Wassup with the rectangular hips look?

OMG these pants with fugly cut seems to be making it big. People with no asses can wear them and look, like a box I guess:

These are what I call nice pants:

Love T-strap shoes:

Miu Miu Hairstyles

This may seem hugely irrelevant because the video showcases Miu Miu's 2011 Spring/Summer collection yet I'm obsessing over their hairstyles.

Centre-parting. Soft curls at the hair ends. If only I have the correct head shape! Plus, people with big noses should not have centre-parting fringe because it will accentuate the nose size, according to 小曼老師。My nose is small but the top of my head is flat so my head looks more boxy with a centre-parting fringe. Also, my fringe is too short now because I mistakenly cut it in December. Woe!

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Saturday, February 12, 2011

Chanel for Her

Assuming we are following the Western kinda V-day, guys need not wait for 14 March's White V-day to buy pressies for the girls. 

These are some stuff that I like from the Chanel Valentine 2011 Collection.

I've always preferred a more rounded looking bag to the rectangular block classic style:
That said, I do wish to own one Chanel Classic maybe 2 years from now!

Prefer this to the interlocking Cs pendant:

Colours are sweet & easy to match but I suspect it'll look quite different in real life:

This pair of flats is absolutely adorable! It'll be hard to keep them clean though:

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Mulberry Art Form

First seen on, I was attracted to the simplicity of the digital flower. I  maniacally signed in with my Twitter and FB account to unlock more seeds to send. Alas, I need to wait till 14 Feb to see it grow and assume its full form.

I like the first picture by Daniel Brown. The depth of it, the simplicity of it, the overlap of sharpness and blurriness.

Send some love to people you care for!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Eye Makeup by KATE

I've tried mascara from Estee Lauder and Stila but due to my oily eyelids and all, they always smudge to my lower lids and leave me looking like a panda. I decided to try KATE's mascara and lo & behold, I love it! I'm more interested in creating volume instead of length so the volume mascara works great for me.

I have also bought the eyebrow pencil and powder but have yet to try it (cos I bought the wrong shade and needed to exchange it, ditz). Hope I will be just as impressed!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

(Relatively) New on Kate Spade

These 2 items from Kate Spade's latest collection are catching my fancy. 

It's red, it's chirpy, it's Anabel. What's there not to love?

This bow ring is absolutely adorable. I actually think such rings make more useful engagement rings than a solitaire diamond ring or whatever other run-of-the-mill kinda designs. 

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