Monday, April 11, 2011

Bolongaro Trevor SS2011

Oh Em Gee!!! These prints are so beautiful! 

Absolutely mad love...

This is SO wearable.

First seen on Fash-Eccentric 

Sunday, April 10, 2011

May 2011 ViVi Mag Scans

Spring is most definitely here. Out with the camel coats and knee high boots and in with the porous cardigan and ankle boots. I really like spring. Not only are flowers in full bloom (is anyone in the mood for hanabi [cherry blossom viewing] in the aftermath of the earthquake in Japan?), it features white (my favourite colour) most prominently. It's light and airy, super comfortable. I don't quite get the cardigans for outdoors though. It's getting really warm here! 

The looks for this season includes a slouchy top (loose knits/bohemian print/ethnic print/button front checkered blouse) and a cute pair of shorts (pumpkin shaped/denim). What's not to love? Everything is loose and comfy.

 Translucent maxi skirts are still in. I like them too, but it's too warm to wear them IMHO. Plus they will go out of season... maybe 2 months later.

I love this look. Seriously. Super love this cardigan though I saw it on a sales assistant at H&M in... January I think.

 Apart from looking really casual, I guess this is the closest u can get to being fashionable at the workplace. Slits at one side. Asymmetrical hem.

I guess other office-friendly outfits include dresses with little flower/polka dots/peter pan collar, lace (yes, still in), maxi dress (STILL in), flare pants, cropped pants and white beach dresses. Actually, I personally think the best way to make a look more formal is a fancy cardigan/blazer. 

Anyway, I decided to end my cheapskateness and go buy a HK edition of ViVi. To my horror, they are different from ViVi Japan! I naively thought it's just a direct translation of the Japanese pages with some exceptions since they provided the price of some items in HKD. Should I invest in a proper ViVi Japan in future?