Tuesday, March 1, 2011

ViVi April 2011 Looks

This picture basically sums up the look for the month - hole-y sweaters, baggy shorts, flare pants and a cowboy hat. Plus, nudes are still in.

I love wearing shorts, not because I have nice legs, but because it's comfortable. However, it's very easy to look sloppy without the "correct" footwear. These loafers fit in nicely. But the lazy me is thinking, birkies should do too.

More people should wear sandals with ankle straps. They flatter your legs, regardless of how pork knuckle-y they look.

Totally rocking this look. I'm still looking for my perfect hole-y sweater (hates it when nothing I see fits what I have in mind), denim shorts and black skorts (not the cheap, jersey, flappy kind). And I have found a nice, beige pair of shorts... just that I need to make my way down to buy it. Should-have-bought-it-yesterday... argh!

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