Sunday, May 8, 2011

Seventeen June 2011

A new month, a new issue and a new magazine. My first time downloading Seventeen and frankly, it's quite thin on content. Maybe because my Japanese is rudimentary. And I'm not interested to learn how to do exercises or makeup and all as much as Seventeen readers do.

The most useful thing I found (I am obsessed with shoes but the terrain makes it unfavourable for comfort) are the styles predicted (self-fulfilled?) to be big this Spring/Summer season.

In case you miss out on the cutesy squigglies all over the pages, the in-styles are anything checked or polka-dotted or flower printed or with fringes or in denim material, sandal boots, sandals (low heeled), clogs and espadrilles. There you have it, the most important 4 pages of the entire issue.

Looking at the shoe styles of the models, however, shows that platforms and high-heels (strappy) are still very much in season. Personally, I think platforms are awesome for this treacherous terrain but I think they make our feet look swollen and calves fat. Just my opinion.

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