Monday, May 9, 2011

ViVi June 2011

Okay, I'm officially bored by magazine scans. This reminds me of why I never ever buy a magazine religiously every month and only on a whim. Or I'll just read them at the hairdresser's. Even though I only buy a few copies a year, I somehow still have unread magazines from 2010. Most of the time, I only buy them when I need to pass time. When time is over, I chuck them aside and don't browse through them ever again, until many moons later, and I'll chuck them out since it's way out of season.

ViVi is great fun because you can flip through it non-stop. But that also makes it kinda useless. So I've concluded, fashion magazines are 1) impractical - they wear shorts & translucent leggings in winter? 2) too expensive - I can't afford the Celine luggage phantom and Christian Louboutin heels and Chloe tote, every season! 3) dangerous - shoes can kill your feet, flouncy skirts can't stay down in the wind and you'll moon the world. 4) Unflattering if you don't understand your body shape - High waist, wide legs pants are fug for 99% of the the female population. 5) time consuming - imagine all the time that goes into wearing so many layers: assembling the outfit, laundry, omg.

Okay, I'm tired so 5 reasons are enough. 

I'm into less casual styles these days. This dress is great for work. Plus it's not a full skirt so it can't fly up. (It happened to me again recently so I'm on a lookout for this now - but I will forget after a while)

These rain booties are really cute! I wonder if it'll be slippery inside though, since it's gonna be wet and all. Your feet will probably be slipping down, cramming your toes and you can't walk properly with the heels slipping off all the time. Well, it's cuter than wellington boots but they also fulfill Reasons 1 and 3 for not getting them.

Who the hell is this? Maybe I'm blind but I've not seen this guy in previous issues of ViVi. Exile Naoki さん, you have a ridiculous name, ridiculous outfit, ridiculous shoes, cap and basically everything about you screams GROSS. 

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