Friday, December 17, 2010

Online Bag Shopping

Oh dear, so ashamed of my lack of commitment (-_-;;)

I've been trolling the net for a suitable (big, nylon, cheap) bag to no avail. Any recommendation is welcomed!

But I've seen many bags that I'd consider buying. I wanted to do a list of bags from Shopbop since there is free international shipping. Unfortunately, nothing really caught my eye. I even went to the backpacks section to look for worthy stuff! -trying too hard- 

I really like Vanessa Bruno's bags. A pity I haven't been able to see them IRL. It's been virtual so far. Buy it here.

Chloe! Love the wide base. Gives it such a sturdy look. Buy it here

I was contemplating if I should put this Marc by Marc Jacobs bag up after I uploaded it. I have already featured it before! I must really love it, eh? Buy it here. Prefer this colour to the blue though.

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