Friday, December 17, 2010

The Proenza Schouler Bags

 I am a regular reader of Bagaholicboy, though mostly silent and merely contributing to the blog stats. I'm not like some spineless fan of his, loving everything he recommends but he has definitely introduced me to a much more expensive bags world. Hurhur. 

After his recent post on the PS satchels, it reignited my lust for owning one someday. These 2 bags are currently on my super I-WANT list:

Large suede satchel. Buy it here.

Smaller version in leather. Buy it here.
I haven't exactly bought anything under Bagaholicboy's "negative" influence, except for a Balenciaga Leather Pouch from Netprice Japan. It took forever to arrive, my goodness. I love it for being so roomy but it also means I don't really want to lug it around everyday so it's just sitting in my closet now. 

I'm (still) considering buying a laptop sleeve but I'm just too lazy to shop for something geeky and so not me.

Marc by Marc Jacobs (not in black though):

Cote et Ciel Diver Sleeve (colour undecided):

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