Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Oriental Lace Chic for Spring 2011

Having cleared some of my workload, it's time for trolling of the fashion websites. has provided the trend report for Spring 2011 and there are some looks inside that I really like.

First up, cheongsum-ish styles in different fabrics. Oriental prints and lace will definitely up the trend factor of this traditional, Mandarin collared dress. Not to forget, the figure-flattering cut would add sexiness to the mysterious East.

The power suit has taken a softer, more feminine side. Although still not appropriate for the boardroom, these styles can be adapted to prevent cries of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The peasant skirt. Shame on me. I didn't even know such skirts had a name. But, why peasant? According to the RL glossary, it is "often full and long, that features bands of embroidery. Adopted from the national costumes of European countries like Romania and Poland, peasant skirts became popular for women in the 1960s and continue to evoke a handmade, casual, carefree character." Well, there's no embroidery on this skirt but I like the shade of yellow and the fullness of it.

The colourful pants catches my attention and it feels so breezy and vibrant. Not quite for the star/bull's eye blouse though.

And this print for the top is so pretty. I think the cloth can be used to do something less traditional (Vietnamese?) and instead, an off-shoulder top or a fitted, sleeveless blouse.

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